Rozella Precious Metals Trading LLC one of the fast-growing firmLocated in the heart of Dubai’s gold market, we are offering various solutions to our clients around the globe including bullions, mining, refining and 24/7 trading. we are providing mining solutions all over the globe. With aiming to develop a trustworthy and reliable name among the global market which last for centuries.      

24/7 spot fixing

Our dealing department willprovide you 24/7 services.

Refining Service

In connection with gulf largest refineries to provide you better Service.

Non-manufacture Precious Metals Trading

Receiving Dore bars from big suppliers in Africa & middle east

Bullions Trading

Rozella Precious Metals Trading LLC holds precious metals inbulk form and can facilitate the purchase or sale of bullion bars


Rozella Precious Metals Trading LLC offers securetransportation, handling and shipment worldwide using globally recognized international contract carriers.


One of the most Important Pillar of our organization, with
highly qualified and experience team to handle all the work
And keep you posted timely.