About Us


Over two decades of our successful journey, Rozella still continue to work hard with never ending passion to meet the desire goal. We will be the most valued & trustworthy tradingcompany across the borders through industry leadingperformance, being a precious metals traderon gold trading that grows through responsiblydeveloping great assets and people

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We started off as a company providing mining equipment and mining chemicals in 1993. After successfully completion 25 years of success and creating a trustworthy name in mining solutions we decided to expand our group and launch bullion trading firm in 2017, within a year Rozella Precious Metals Trading manage to make a reliable name in the bullions industry.

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About Us

There are always opportunities for anentrepreneur in any economy. You need to have a keen eye to identify an opportunity, and work hard with great passion to realize your dream and Rozella group obtain the opportunity at the right time and set the perfect example of hard work and passion.

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trades & stocks

Rozella Precious Metals Trading LLC one of the fast-growing firmLocated in the heart of Dubai’s gold market, we are offering various solutions to our clients around the globe including bullions, mining, refining and 24/7 trading. we are providing mining solutions all over the globe. With aiming to develop a trustworthy and reliable name among the global market which last for centuries.

  • Non-manufacture Precious Metals Trading
  • Refining Service
  • Bullions Trading
  • 24/7 spot fixing
  • Logistic

Rozella Precious Metals is operated by a team of highly skilled

international market, our dealing department will

professionals, ranging from Dealing, Accounting & Finance and

Operation with years of experience in their respective fields.

Operations department is responsible for managing

the process of handling the goods with their

vast experience & professional qualification